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  • SKU: HBNRE0103
  • Age Group: 6-8 Years
Nerf Mega Tri Break
Break Into Nerf Mega Battling With The Tri-Break Blaster That Features A Break-Open, 3-Dart Barrel.
Swing Open The Barrel On This Single-Shots Blaster, And Load 3 Nerf Mega Whistler Darts Inside. Close The Barrel, Prime the Blaster, Then Pull The Trigger To Send A Dart Screaming Through The Air! Break Into Big Blasting With The Nerf N-Strike Mega Tri-Break Blaster That Comes With 3 Nerf Mega Whistler Darts. Includes Blaster, 3 Darts, And Instructions.
Break-Open Blaster Break Open The Barrel To Load Darts Holds 3 Nerf Mega Whistler Darts Caution: Do Not Aim At Eyes Or Face. To Avoid Injury: Use Only Darts Designed For This Product.
Do Not Modify Darts Or Dart Blaster.
Nerf Mega Tri-Break Blaster Works Only With Nerf Mega Darts
Content Inside: 1 Blaster, 3 Darts And Instructions
Barcode: 5010993447268
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