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Love Diana

Love Diana Mini Mall Mystery Shopper Salon (

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Shopping Bag Becomes A Playset With 10 Surprises Inside . Pose Diana In The Styling Chair And Spin Her Around On The Love Heart Platform!

  • SKU: 20522
  • Age Group: 2-4 Years

Open the shopping bag and discover Diana in the super secret salon! Shopping bag becomes a playset with 10 surprises inside! Pose Diana in the styling chair and spin her around on the love heart platform! Discover and display all the accessories! Remove Dianas hair towel and discover a colorful surprise underneath! The handle on the playset also becomes a colorful playset for you! 10 surprises inside the Hair Power Mini Mystery Shopper! Includes 6 Diana fashion doll and playset Accessories for Diana include: Swivel Chair Hairbrush Hair Dryer Belt Cuffs Shield Gift box with second pair of shoes Accessories for you include: colorful bracelet.

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