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Little Live Pets Surprise Chick
Little Live

Little Live Pets Surprise Chick

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  • SKU: 284278
  • Age Group: 6-8 Years

Get eggcited! Your new little live pet is about to hatch! What will hatch out of your chicken egg?
You won't know what your Lil Chick looks like until the egg cracks open and your Lil' Chick appears!
When the egg opens your Lil' Chick will walk out and chirp "Hello!" This fuzzy Lil' Chick loves to chirp, walk and play all day!
Get ready, the fun is about to hatch!
Who will hatch out of your egg?
Little Live Pets Baby Chicks are about to say hello!
You'll be attached as soon as they hatch! The fun part is you just don't know when they will crack open!
Watch them come out of their eggs and hop around on their legs.
These cute Lil' Chicks love to chirp, hop and play all day! Watch the shy little chick come out of their shell!
Pet your chick and hear it chirp!
Assorted item
Surprise Pack
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