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BABY born Storybook Princess Una

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  • SKU: 833827
  • Age Group: 0-2 Years
Una loves her glittery skirt and the blue flowers in her hair. When the sun shines, you can even see beautiful patterns on her face. But Una loves her role as a unicorn princess and her favourite little unicorn even more. Unicorn even looks a bit like Una, with his blue body with pretty flowers and his blue glittery mane. Sometimes he nuzzles Una. She loves that, and the little horn on her head lights up happily straight away. Together, they have amazing adventures. The picture book included shows just one adventure, which can be role played using the images on the reversible background. A look at the packaging is all it takes to see Una and Unicorn�s wonderful world, as the open box also serves as a play background that is easy to fold out.

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