Barrel Kapla 200 Pieces

65.00 $

  • SKU: BA
  • Age Group: 4-6 Years
Construction games have always been great classics perfect to entertain our children for hours while developing their imagination and creativity.
Barrel 200 boards, Kapla construction, the wooden construction set with limitless possibilities
With Kapla, young and old alike will be able to have unlimited fun, with Barrel 200 natural pine boards that can be stacked flat and on the field, achieve everything you want: houses, castles, walls, monuments, marbles course... Your imagination will be your only limit. Easily create simple works, or use your talent, skill and focus to build true masterpieces.

Sold packaged in a barrel made up of 200 wooden planks, a manual is also provided, offering advice on use as well as many construction models to learn how to use Kapla and discover all the possibilities offered by this construction set before leaving talk about his creativity.
Age: 4 years+
Barcode: 814647001005

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