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Jw Track N Attack Indoraptor

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Track 'N Attack Indoraptor, a hybrid dinosaur from Jurassic World, features jungle-colored deco and iridescent accents. Its head gear tracks prey, and connected play allows scanning the dinosaur's Tracking Code for enhanced reality activities.

  • Age Group: 4-6 Years

?This Track 'N Attack Indoraptor features a jungle-colored deco with iridescent accents to give this notorious hybrid dinosaur from the Jurassic World franchise an especially scary appearance.?Huge claws and glowing red eyes are just the beginning of its ferocious aspects. Its head gear helps it to track its prey. It can stand up on 2 legs or crouch down close to the ground.?Pull up either arm to make the Indoraptor's head rotate to the other side and release the arm to STRIKE! These left and right side strike attacks trigger roaring sound effects and make the red eyes glow!?Press the button on the back of the figure to activate the CHOMP attack!?Connected play! Scan the dinosaurs' hidden Tracking Code in the free Jurassic World Facts App with a compatible smart device (not included) to initiate AUGMENTED REALITY activities and games

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