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Nexcube 3X3 Classic

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Discover the speedcube NexCube 3x3 Classic, the friendly priced and very complete speedcube. This cube is made for both novice and advanced players.

  • SKU: 19901
  • Age Group: 8 years+
  • Anti-friction design: The anti-sticky design ensures less friction, making the speedcube NexCube 3x3 Classic supersonic fast.
  • Anti pop design: The new anti-pop design ensures that the blocks cannot fall out of the cube during use.
  • Big-hole design: Due to the round holes in corners and edges, the speedcube NexCube 3x3 Classic moves very smoothly.
  • Adjustable elasticity: Adjust the elasticity of the speedcube NexCube 3x3 Classic to personal preference. The screws and springs in the middle of the cube make it possible to adjust this. To adjust the elasticity of the cube you can remove the top of the middle block and adjust the screw with a small screwdriver.
  • Stable structure: The professional structure inside the cube improves the overall performance of the cube. This makes the speedcube NexCube 3x3 Classic not only faster but also more stable.
  • A cube without stickers: The speedcube NexCube 3 x 3 Classic does not contain stickers. So there is no possibility to solve the cube by switching the stickers from place to place. In addition, the cube has a good grip without these stickers.

Contents: 1 3x3 Cube

Package Size: 13 x 8 x 5 cm

Age: 8 years+
Barcode: 8720077199002

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