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Scrabbleoriginal French

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A popular letter game that is entertaining and helps enrich language skills in French. Players compete to earn maximum points by creating words using high-scoring letters and utilizing double or triple word score boxes.

  • SKU: MTGM9593
  • Age Group: 8 years+

Classic Scrabble is certainly the most famous letter game in the world because it is very entertaining and in addition it allows you to enrich yourself at the level of the French language. For children and adults alike, Classic Scrabble is a reference in board games and you can compete with family or friends to earn maximum points by making interesting words. Of course, you will have to use letters that pay big like the X, the Y, the W, the X or the J and the Q and you use the double count or triple account word boxes. And above all, you will have to find a way to create a Scrabble using all the letters you have drawn and that you can integrate into the game board. Make a maximum of words and accumulate the highest score to win the game!

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