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Pixie Crew


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  • SKU: PXX-07-98
  • Age Group: 4-6 Years
The PIXIE CREW Pixel Panel is an original and creative decoration and an educational accessory at the same time. This is a Pixel panel where you can clip (patented technology) your colored pixels allowing you to create images according to your imagination. This panel made of high-quality silicone is ideal for the creative development and fine motor skills of your children. A self-adhesive surface on the back of the panel allows you to display it where you want it.
material: silicone
dimension / diameter: 9 cm
weight: 17 g
silicone screen size: 10 x 10 pixels
maximum number of pixels: 68
pixel size: SMALL PixieCrew
barcode: 0702811691070
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