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  • SKU: PL102
  • Age Group: 0-2 Years
This baby cot is a fun way to develop your little one's basic skills. It is ideal for visual stimulation, eye-hand coordination, basic and more complex motor skills.


Suitable for babies older than 12 months
Includes 1 hammer (red) and 3 colored balls (yellow, green and blue)
The playful colors and designs attract the baby's attention
Tested for safe use by babies
Visual stimulation :
- helps to improve attention, curiosity, memory and nervous system
- helps to develop the baby's brain by stimulating vision with contrasting images and patterns
- helps to develop memory and imagination
Eye-hand coordination :
- from simple catching and grasping things to controlled, more complex actions
- helps to develop children's hand-to-hand coordination
- helps to develop the little one's reflexes
Problem-solving ability :
- encourages the development of problem-solving skills
- helps to start logical and strategic thinking
- helps to increase self-confidence and independent thinking
Basic motor skills :
- contributes to the development of basic motor skills such as balance, coordination and strength
- physical exercises to develop the baby's muscles and to improve basic motor skills
More complex motor skills:
- helps the baby to use his hands for precise movements
- helps to move the fingers with dexterity and agility

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