Color Wonder Vampirina

10.00 $

18 themed coloring pages with the cute Vampirina and her friends and 5 spotless Color Wonder markers. The ink is clear and does not stain leather, furniture, or fabrics because the color only appears on the special Color Wonder paper and nowhere else.

  • SKU: CY752396
  • Age Group: 2-4 Years
-The uniqueness of the Color Wonder felt-tip pens is that they draw exclusively on special paper (patented technology)
-The tip of the felt-tip pen always remains transparent, the color appears only after the child runs the felt-tip pen over the coloring page
-Not a single trace of felt-tip pens will remain on the baby's body, furniture or carpet
-Thick felt-tip pens, convenient for small hands, close tightly with the help of ventilated caps.
-this set, felt-tip pens are presented in pink, yellow, brown, lilac and blue colors.
-thanks to the fact that felt-tip pens draw only on coloring, such a set is convenient to take with you everywhere - on a trip, on a visit, or on a walk.
-all products are hypoallergenic, made of non-toxic materials, have the necessary licenses and quality certificates.

Contents: 18 coloring pages, and 5 Color Wonder spotless markers.

Age: 3 years+.
Barcode: 071662123963

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