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Earth Story Pillow

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Children hug the pillow to discover the story, activating an internal audio speaker with a gentle squeeze.

  • SKU: 8010
  • Age Group: 2-4 Years
Soft plush toy: Colourful soft toy with cute Earth face 30x30x6cm.

Audio mindfulness meditation: 2-minute audio mindfulness meditation in the form of a story. 3x1.5v batteries included.

Easy clean and hygienic: Simply wipe the quick-dry surfaces clean with soapy water.

Interactive: Child activates audio meditation by squeezing pillow. Story includes simple mindfulness exercises.

Ecological & safe: Complies with EU Toy Safety Directive & EU EMC. Free of Azo Dyes. GSR certified.

The story is a mindfulness meditation specially adapted for children. It's around two minutes long and told by a soothing female voice, with sound effects inspired by nature and animals.

The earth pillow's story reminds us of the solid nurturing earth beneath us and all around us. It inspires us to use our senses to become aware of our connection to all living things around us.

Barcode: 8437015413266
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