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3 Wheel scooter - Space

40.00 $

Your child is going on an adventure with his 3-wheeled scooter decorated with Space motifs. At the wheel of his child's scooter, your child will play outside and exercise while having fun!

  • SKU: YTT-07-Mixed
  • Age Group: 2-4 Years
-The handlebar of this 3-wheel scooter is height-adjustable in 2 positions to adapt to the size of your child.
-The 3 wheels scooter has a 14 cm PVC front wheel and two 12 cm rear wheels.
-With two small rear wheels, it ensures the stability of the little ones and allows them to learn to balance gently.
-A wide non-slip surface for the feet will give your child better comfort and more confidence.

Scooter Dimensions: 54 x 62 x 31 cm.

Maximum User Weight: 20kg

Age: 3 years+
Barcode: 8053735002667

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