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DragonPower Skyblaze

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  • SKU: F0809EU40
  • Age Group: 8 years+
Experience incredible Dungeons and Dragons inspired battles with Nerf DragonPower and the Skyblaze Dart Bow.
This Nerf dart bow is inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game and has a design reminiscent of the appearance of a dragon. Indeed, the bow is red in color and it is decorated with thorns and scales.
The Sky blaze bow is easy to use for shooting Nerf Elite darts. Just insert 1 dart into the bow, pull the string, aim, then release to be able to throw the dart.
It includes storage for 5 darts for easy reloading and not running out of ammo. With the Nerf Dragon Power blasters and dart bow, dive into the great Nerf adventure, in a world dominated by dragons!
Use your imagination to invent the rules and history of your Nerf competitions.
Nerf is both a game and a real sport. With Nerf, you will train your shooting skills, your precision and your dexterity while having fun!
Contains: 1 Nerf Skyblaze bow and 10 official Nerf Elite darts.

Age: 8 years+
Barcode: 5010993863990

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