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Hot Wheels Dragon Drive Firefight
Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Dragon Drive Firefight

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A gigantic dragon is making the streets unsafe. The fire station lies in the middle of his destructive path. Can you stop the beast before this building is reduced to rubble?

  • SKU: HDP03
  • Age Group: 6-8 Years
-Save Hot Wheels City from Dante the ferocious dragon who eats cars and demolishes buildings! Kids launch their Hot Wheels at the beast to knock it down and rescue the city!
-This fire-station-themed playset creates an epic setting for kids to build their storytelling skills through innovative push-around play.
-Move the handle to bring Dante to life, then pull it back to send the car racing through its track-set body. Launch the car through the loop to retaliate.
-Connect this set to other Hot Wheels sets to create a unique world of stunting action and nemesis play.

Contents: Hot Wheels City Dragon's Wrath playset and 1 Hot Wheels vehicle.

Package Dimensions: 10 X 45.5 X 25.5CM

Age: 5 years+
Barcode: 0194735028962

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