JCB 4CX Backhoe Loader

50.01 $

This JCB Loader Backhoe has a fully functional front loader. TheBackhoe moves up and down and swings from side to side on this uniquetoy. The Stabilizer legs of this backhoe extend to the ground. Seatswings around. The soft rubber tires have real tread.

  • SKU: BRU-02428
  • Age Group: 4-6 Years
-swivel driver's seat.
-stabilizer legs of this backhoe extends to the ground.
-tilting bucket.
-fully functional backhoe loader.
-movable steering wheel.
-tread tires.
-Scale 1:16

Contents: 1 JCB 4CX Backhoe loader.

Loader dimensions: 52.0 cm x 16.0 cm x 18.5 cm

Age: 4 years+
Barcode: 4001702024284

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