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3D Ball World Globe, 540 Pieces

3D Ball World Globe, 540 Pieces

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A map of the world converted into a 3D puzzle shown as a Globe. Discover the delights of this detailed map as you assemble the 540 curved plastic piece, which build into a sturdy sphere, measuring 22cm in diameter.

  • SKU: 124367
  • Age Group: 8 years+
  • Construct your own globe in amazing 3D! 540 carefully-constructed plastic puzzle pieces, including curved and hinged pieces that interlock, come together to create this classic, 9 inch, and vintage globe.
  • Build your way around and around, display your finished model or disassemble and enjoy the challenge of building again.
  • Patented EasyClick Technology, no delaminating, peeling, or glue required.
  • Numbers and arrows are printed on the back of each piece to provide direction in the building process, and a handy reference guide is also included to see the completed map while you work.
  • This puzzle set includes a metal display stand to hold the completed puzzle. This display stand allows you to spin your Globe on its axis, making it easy to show off the completed Globe and study its detailed surface.

Contents: 540 numbered puzzle pieces, 9 part stand, puzzling aid, instructions.

Package Size: 26 x 26 x 8 cm
3D puzzle Ball size: 22 diameter cm

Age: 12 years+
Barcode: 4005556124367

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