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Eco Yoga Mat Cloud
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Eco Yoga Mat Cloud

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The purple Cloud mat has suggested yoga positions embossed directly on the mat - no need for complicated instructions, just unroll and ommm!

  • SKU: 8002
  • Age Group: 2-4 Years
Yoga poses are embossed on the mat: Simply unroll and begin practicing Sun & Moon salutations sequences.

Ecological: Made from EVA foam with EcoPure for enhanced biodegradability, vegan-friendly, free from PVC, & 6P Phthalates.

Easy clean and hygienic: Simply wipe the quick-dry surfaces clean with soapy water.

Child-sized & lightweight: 120 x 55 x 0.6cm easy for kids to handle.

Soft & safe: Non-slip, non-toxic, hypoallergenic. Complies with EU toy safety regulations and ISO8124.

The poses on the Cloud Mat are a selection of flying and balancing poses like aeroplane, eagle and bridge that help us to connect with our emotions. The poses can be done in any order - simply follow your feelings.

Poses: Thunderbolt, star, eagle, plane, half moon, crow, butterfly, pigeon, bridge, shoulder stand, happy baby, deep relaxation.

Barcode: 8437015413181

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