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Kidi Talkie - French

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Discover V-Tech walkie-talkies: in addition to the basic function, these walkie-talkies for children include games, voice transformation effects, and animated messages to be sent via screen... Much more than walkie-talkies!

  • SKU: 80-518565
  • Age Group: 4-6 Years
-Secure Communication : High-quality, child-friendly secure digital communication with a range of 200 meters.
-A KidiTalkie can only connect to another Kidi Talkie.
-Animated messages: Send pre-written messages and emoticons.
-Voice transformation: Speak and transform your voice with one of 4 fun effects (robot voice, with echo, high or amplified).
-Games: 4 games to play for 2 for real-time challenges!
-Backlit LCD display
-2.4 GHz digital wireless audio system
-Maximum RF Power: 107.23dBuV/m (MAX)
-Maximum power used by the transmitter: 0.01W (10mW)

Batteries: 3 AAA per walkie-talkie (demo batteries included).

Age: 4 years+.
Barcode: 3417765185656

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