Barbie Extra Doll #13 in Basketball Jersey & Bike Shorts

54.00 $

Barbie Extra dolls rock bold fashions and bright colors, and they make big statements! Each Barbie doll has its own unique style that's playful and over the top. And their pets - each different and all adorable - have tons of personality, too!

  • Age Group: 4-6 Years
  • Character: Barbie
-Barbie doll's hairstyle goes big with an extra-long, crimped half-up style featuring pink highlights.
-She wears an oversized flannel shirt, a shimmery basketball jersey dress and black bike shorts.
-Accessories include a basketball-inspired handbag, shades, a golden necklace and trendy boots.
-Her pet corgi puppy is oh-so Extra with sunglasses, a donut floatie and an adorable expression.

Contents: 1 x Barbie Extra Doll in Basketball Jersey & Bike Shorts, Includes 15 clothing, fashion and pet accessories.

Age: 4 years+
Barcode: 194735024438

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