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Fashion Mini Brands Series 1 - Mystery Pack

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Unwrap and reveal the all new capsule to reveal 1 designer handbag and 4 little accessories. Unbox 40+ deluxe fashion surprises! Surprise Mini Fashion are premium fashion handbags which are the trendiest collectable accessory for all fashionistas!

  • SKU: 77198
  • Age Group: 4-6 Years
-COLLECT THE TRENDY MINI HANDBAG RANGE: There are 11 high fashion one of a kind hand finished bags to collect including 2 rare metallic bags. Collect them all!
-PERFECT DOLL ACCESSORIES: These super cool bags and accessories are the perfect size for dolls.
-RARE MINIS TO COLLECT: There are 2 rare metallic bags to collect.
-COLLECT THE PERFECT FASHION ACCESSORIES: The perfect accessories. Including functioning make up compact and the cutest sidekick pup.
-INCLUDING SCENTED ACCESSORIES - Collect the super cute scented perfume bottles and make up accessories.

Contents: Each capsule includes 5 surprises. A handstitched Mini Fashion mini handbag and 4 surprise fashion accessories.

Age: 4 years+
Barcode: 193052033178

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