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Banana's Bunches Wave 2

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  • SKU: BB30200
  • Age Group: 0-2 Years
Go Bananas for Bananas!

The latest collectible craze to hit the market. Your new Smell-able, Squeez-able, Peel-able friends! Get them as singles or in beautiful colored bunches. Peel each scented banana to reveal unique squeez-able characters inside. You will love decorating your Banana Crushie characters with gemstone stickers, or connecting your Crushies together on the vine! Not only do you get beautifully colored Banana bunches, you also get to collect ALL 96 unique Crushie characters and their mini squeez-able friends!


Scented bananas with cute collectible characters inside.
Peel the banana to reveal which character you get and their accessories.
Hang them on their vines or reseal them back into their banana or take them with you.
96 characters to collect and trade in the first season.
Can you find the ultra-rare and limited editions?

3 Bananas Cases
3 cute mini squishy friends
Gem stone stickers
Collector sheet
3 Hanging vines
Suitable for ages 4 & up
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