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Nose & Mouth Mask Medium Grey

Nose & Mouth Mask Medium Grey

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  • SKU: 7072
  • Age Group: 4-6 Years
Playmobil 7072 nose & mouth mask medium grey
The mask does not provide self-protection for the wearer and does not comply with the regulations as a medical device or the occupational health and safety regulations for personal protective equipment. As a reusable and long-lasting product, the mask is easy to clean and therefore particularly resource-saving and sustainable. Directions: remove the front cap of the mask. Next, cut a piece of tissue in half, place on top of the filter, and close by putting the cap back on. Tie the enclosed strings to the mask and secure around the head. Between uses, ensure your hands have been cleaned and the tissue removed from the filter, and simply clean with warm water and detergent.This mask is size small, which measures at 10.5 cm (H) x 10.5 cm (W).Easy to clean - use warm water and detergentAvailable in 3 sizes - small, medium and largeMade from skin-friendly, high quality, durable plastic including EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)Small mask measures as 10.5 cm (H) x 10.5 cm (W)
Category: Dust Masks
Barcode: 4008789707246

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