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Heidi Clara

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  • Age Group: 4-6 Years
The item for sale is: Playmobil Heidi Clara's Family Figure Pack (with FREE UK DELIVERY.
With wheelchair and walking stick.

To cheer up paralyzed Clara, Heidi is brought by her aunt Dete to the house of the Sesemann family in Frankfurt am Main.

After a short time the two girls become friends and Heidi gets to know life in the big city. The strict housemaid Miss Rottenmeier watches over Clara's upbringing with great devotion, after all Clara is supposed to become a distinguished lady some day.

Thanks to Heidi's friendship Clara soon gets better and even learns to walk again. The gameset consists of Clara with wheelchair, Miss Rottenmeier, Clara's father Mr. Sesemann, the kitten socks and starlets and other extras.


1 x Miss Rottenmeier
1 x Mr Sesemann
1 x Clara

2 x Kittens

1 x Children's wheelchair
1 x Walking stick
1 x Ball of wool
1 x Picture
1 x Pen
1 x Pair of puffed sleeves
1 x Hair bow

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