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Character Packs Series 4 - Mystery Bag

Character Packs Series 4 - Mystery Bag

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Collectible LEGO Super Mario toy characters - Give kids extra interactive play options with Character Packs - Series 4 (71402). Each pack contains a mystery buildable character with an Action Tag

  • SKU: 71402
  • Age Group: 6-8 Years
  • Character: Super Mario
-10 to collect, build and play with - A Mechakoopa, Para-Biddybud, Stingby, Bully, Freezie, Ant Trooper, Goombrat, Coin Coffer, Scaredy Rat and a baby penguin
-Starter Course (71360 or 71387) required for interactive play - One of the Starter Course sets, featuring the LEGO Mario (in set 71360) and LEGO Luigi (in set 71387) figures, is needed for play
-Small build in each pack - Kids can use the build as a display stand or incorporate it into the levels they create. LEGO Mario or LEGO Luigi react to the characters in various ways
-Build unique levels - Add these characters to the LEGO Super Mario Starter Courses and Expansion Sets to create new challenges for solo and social play.

Number of pieces: 29 pcs

Model Number: Lego Super Mario 71402

Package Dimensions: 9.5 x 15 x 6 cm

Age: 6 years+
Barcode: 5702017155227

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