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Mookhookh Lubnan

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Are you ready for the challenge? Welcome to Mookhookh Lubnan!

  • SKU: 307-M0314
  • Age Group: 8 years+
We will take you, dear Mokh, in a journey ,through Lebanon starting from Byblos , mother of alphabets and finishing in Beirut ,mother of laws. You will fall in love with our villages , arts, language , history and geography.

Navigate your game piece from start to finish. Develop an adequate strategy ,and mark your steps in Lebanon ,the land of of the geniuses, the home of Mookhookh.

Content: Mookhookh Lubnan board, 5 game pieces (Mokhs), 1 dice, 200 question and answer cards (5 categories - 1000 questions)

Game Time: 45 minutes.

Age: 15 years+.

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