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Labyrinth Super Mario

Labyrinth Super Mario

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  • SKU: 4005556260638
  • Age Group: 6-8 Years
  • Character: Super Mario
Labyrinth, a strategy and suspense game for the whole family which is now one of the great classics. This cult board game returns in a version where Mario and his friends hid in the maze.
It's up to you to achieve your goals in the maze of this labyrinth , traversed by Mario and his friends . Be careful, remember to anticipate the sliding of the Corridor plates which will reveal new passages!
A tactical game, always on the move. Some simple rules, always exciting games between friends or family!
Contents: A game board, 34 Labyrinth plates, 24 cards, 4 pawns.
Players: 2 to 4 players.
Duration of a game: less than 30 minutes.
Age: 7 years+
Barcode: 4005556260638

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