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  • SKU: 212071
  • Age Group: 4-6 Years
Croque-Carrotte Party ... Move and jump like a rabbit! A game of movement, memorization and reaction in the world of Croque-Carotte! In this game in perpetual motion, anything can happen: Who will remember where the friends of the vegetable garden are and find them before the others? Who will be as fast as a hare to catch the carrot when it jumps in the air? And who will jump like a rabbit and dance the best? The funny carrot speaks and guides you in the game. In addition to the classic mode for 2 to 6 players, Croque-Carotte Party also includes a single player mode. Content: - 1 hill (electronic unit) with a carrot - 16 vegetable boards - 32 carrot tokens - 6 rabbit figurines - 1 game rule. Number of players: 1 to 6. Average length of a game: 10 minutes. Suitable from 4 years to 8 years.
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