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Mini Kids - Colour and Erase Mat

Mini Kids - Colour and Erase Mat

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Colour, erase, and repeat forever! A large drawing mat to draw, color, erase and start again as many times as you want! Rug Measuring 60 x 90 cm. There are storage compartments so you can store all the accessories and take the mat with you everywhere!

  • SKU: CY812011
  • Age Group: 2-4 Years
-This rug can be used either on the floor or hung on a wall
-Washable felt-tip pens in intense colors.
-Perfect for inspiring and familiarizing toddlers with drawing and colors.
-Coloring Mat Measuring 60 x 90 cm

Contents: 1 mat 60 x 90 cm, 4 Color POP felt-tip pens, 1 refillable eraser, 1 dry cloth.

Age: 1 year+.
Barcode: 071662320119

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